Lowhill Food Pantry Project

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The Club Service Committee met with officials of Northwestern Lehigh and Parkland School Districts to determine their greatest need within the schools, and to see how the Allentown West Rotary Club could help.

-Federal monies provided to schools are based on the poverty level.  Approximately 12-15% of their students are earmarked as qualifying for federal poverty assistance. 

-Many of these economically disadvantaged students eat their main meal of the day at lunchtime in school and then have little or nothing for the evening meal or on weekends.

-The Rotary Club of Allentown West-Western Lehigh County developed a project called “Operation Snack Pack Connection”.  The “Snack Packs” contain various non-perishable food items, such as cereal, one-dish meals, fruit and healthy snacks to give to at-risk children to take home on a Friday to get them through the weekend.

-They are discreetly and confidentially distributed by the Schools to the economically disadvantaged students that they identify.

-“Snack Packs” are being delivered twice a month on Friday afternoon and the Lowhill Food Pantry is one of our partners in providing this service.  Through their donations, they will cover the cost of one week’s supply for the Northwestern Lehigh School District students.

-Northwestern Lehigh began this program on October 11th with Parkland soon to follow.



-Rotary is looking for additional partners to help with the cost of providing “Snack Packs” to the at-risk children in these two school districts.  We know there are more children who need our help. 

-Sustainability is also important and it is the goal of the Rotarians to maintain this project for a long period of time.

-Living the Rotary motto of “Service above Self” is a part of who Rotarians are and we invite you, as community members, to join us in helping the disadvantaged families in our neighborhoods.

-Contact Gloria Zimmerman at 610-395-0763 of email her at gfzimm@ptd.net to discuss ways you can help to support “Operation Snack Pack Connection”.