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July 9th 2019
Amir’s House
Special Board Meeting
Attendance: Amir Famili (President), Sue Weber, Bill Weber, Marlene Heller, Chris Blechschmidt (Treasurer), John (Secretary), , Jeanne, Mustafa Jaffer;  Phone: Gary Englehardt , Gwenn Carr
  1. Call to order by Amir at 7:32 AM
    1. Amir thanked everyone for joining us for the meeting, goal is to finish the meeting at 8:30am
  2. Secretary’s Report
    1. Motion by Ralph second by Bill to approve the last month’s meeting minutes as written.
  3. Presidents Report
    1.  Reviewed decision making process proposal
      1. Board members must send in advance 2 days in advance, each item will have 10 min to present and 5 min q&a with a decision making following and a responsible person
      2. Gary is creating a template for board accountability, Gwenn is going to be the board coach
    2. General comments from board members and there was consensus around the format.
  4. The secretary will post the monthly Board meeting minutes online for membership viewing once approved at the next meeting. There was consensus.
  5. Secretarys, Treasurers, Presidents and Membership Report is a standing report
  6. Standing agenda item on growing our membership
    1. Next health check is coming up soon
    2. We have a potential member coming this week
    3. We should look back 24 month
    4. We should get with our own network to join the club
  7. Board meeting notes template was rolled out
  8. General discussion around who is in charge of sergeant of arms
  9. Rolls and responsibilities summary and discussion
  10. Budget discussion, our budget is not balanced, we have challenges with our income vs expense.
  11. Adjournment at 8:27, Motion by John second by Marlene
Action items for next meeting:
  1. Build committee schedule and capacity