Feb 24, 2021 7:30 AM
Erin Harris, SVP & CFO Preventative Measures
Challenges & Triumphs of Providing Essential Mental Health and Home Health Services during Covid-19

During this presentation you will learn the following about Preventative Health Measures (PHM):

-Who is PHM?
-What does PHM do?
-Why does PHM do what they do? 

About Preventive Health Measures (PHM):

Preventive Health Measures improves the quality of life for thousands of individuals through both Mental Health Wellness Centers in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Georgia, and through their Home Health Care division in Pennsylvania. Preventive Health Measures believes that health care is a basic human right. It must be available, coordinated and provided in a comprehensive way, and combined with other human services when appropriate. Preventive Health Measures has been servicing the community in this way.  

Preventive Measures provides support to older people, younger people, people with disabilities and their careers to live independently at home and be part of the community.