Feb 14, 2024 7:30 AM
Gary Heller
Historical Lehigh Valley in Photos

Gary Heller has been a professional in the field of photography since the 1980s, owning a photo studio in NYC and later as Research Director of the large photo library at The Freelance Photographers Guild, followed by taking a leading role at The Stock Market Photo Agency (now Getty Images) as its General Manager. Gary, who is now owner of Historic Rescue Photography, has been helping historical societies to improve the quality of their photo libraries since 2014. It started when he decided to combine his passion for history with his talent for photography. Creating a win/win situation, Gary began to offer his photographic services to historical societies on a volunteer basis in exchange for unlimited access to their historic sites. Since that time, he has photographed over 50 historic buildings that included homes, barns, mills, furnaces, summer kitchens, and more. Gary’s presentation will give you the opportunity to look beyond the velvet rope and to appreciate how our ancestors lived their lives in days gone by.