DAY, JANUARY 18, 2021
Rotary Club of
Pres. Ralph Witcher
Area 1 Asst. Gov. Barb Bottitta
District 7430 Governor
Janet Kolepp
Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m.



Pres. Ralph Witcher is  the Greeter while we are using Zoom
There will be no Thursday evening meetings
until after the pandemic.
Missed a club meeting? Lucky for you, we record our Zoom meetings! Click the link and then choose which meeting you’d like to view. Use the slide at the bottom if you want to skip over the socialization part of the meeting. We open the formalities at 7:30 am, and presenters begin at 8 am. So even if you missed the meeting, it’s just like being there!
The AWRC channel link is:
          Feb 02, 2021 5:30 PM Welcome to Rotary  Zoom Web Meeting    
          Feb 16, 2021 7:00 PM Training Tuesday: International Service Part 2 Zoom Web Meeting     
           Mar 06, 2021   Women of Rotary D7430 International Women's Day 
          Mar 08, 2021 6:30 PM  D7430 Grant Management Training Seminar  Zoom Web Meeting       
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Marlene Heller
Opportunities for Service
Your help is needed to:
Garden care. Contact: Gail Micca
Pack 50 Snack Packs at your house
Pick up/drop off at Gail’s house
Contact: Gail Micca
Purchase, pack and distribute produce on third Tuesday of the month
Location: Parkland C.A.R.E.S. Food Pantry
Contact: Gail Micca
Distribute produce at Lowhill Food Pantry
Location: 4695 Lowhill Church Rd, New Tripoli, PA 18066
Contact: Amir Famili
Distribute food at Kingdom Life Food Pantry
Location: 4333 Lime Kiln Rd, Orefield, PA 18069
Dates: Third Saturday morning of each month
Time: 8:30 a.m.
Contact: Jean Masiko
Marlene Heller
Kingdom Life Food Pantry: Jean Masiko –
Parkland Snack Packing: Gail Micca –
Lowhill Food Pantry and Northwestern Snack Packing – Amir Famili
Membership:  Tom Friday –
Public Image: Marlene Heller  –
TT6:  Len Salines –
Dining Out:  Jean Machamer –
Purple Pinkie Services: Barb Kistler
Purple Pinkie 5K at LCCC: John Scott –
Park Cleanup:  Dennis Houser –
Miracle League:  Barb Kistler –
Meals on Wheels:  Dorothy Bloom –
Kids of Character: Gwen Pongracz –
Speaker suggestions:  Amir Famili –
Website Editor: Marlene Heller –
RLI:   website        
Mar 17, 2021 7:30 AM
Update: Northwestern Lehigh Veteran Memorial (Ontelaunee Park)
Mar 24, 2021 7:30 AM
Woman & Rotary: We have Come Along Way Down the Path of Inclusion
Apr 07, 2021 7:30 AM
Overview of Family Promise
Apr 14, 2021 7:30 AM
Rotary Peace Fellowship Program
View entire list
Each of us should seek out candidates for our Rotary Club. Invite them to join us for a Zoom meeting. Send their names to Tom Friday and Ralph Witcher for introductions and a Zoom invitation.
AW Rotarians do a lot of good things and take a lot of pictures. In order to maintain the best quality photos on file, it is requested that the original be sent first to Gary Heller, our RC Photographer at
Board and Committee
 Members for 2020-21
President - Ralph Witcher
President-Elect - Gail Micca
Vice President - John Scott
Immediate Past President - Amir Famili
Secretary - John Scott
Treasurer - Chris Blechschmidt
Sergeant at Arms - Mitch Huston
Service Committee Chair - Gail Micca
RI Foundation & International Grants Chair - PDG Herb Klotz
Fundraising Chair - Len Salines
Public Image Chair - Marlene Heller
Membership Chair - Thomas Friday
Youth Services Co-Chairs - Bill and Sue Weber
      Please suggest or request speakers and topics for future meetings and send your ideas to Amir Famili.
     As you become aware of any member of our Rotary family who would benefit from our support with cards, flowers, or visits, please notify Jean Machamer at
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See Home Page link
Bulletin Editor
Bill Palmer
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
JANUARY  20, 2021
           QUOTE of the WEEK --
       “Sow success and hope unto others, and more success and hope becomes what you permanently reap.”
              ― Auliq Ice
Honey is the only food that doesn't spoil.
Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards, and are on the Australian coat of arms for that reason.
If you toss a penny 10000 times, it will not be heads 5000 times, but more like 4950. The heads picture weighs more, so it ends up on the bottom.
Zoom Meeting  Notes --   January 20, 2021
Today was a Zoom meeting with 34 people on line. After some conversations President Ralph Witcher opened the meeting at 7:30 A.M.  
Capt. Nick Millward, Rotary Peace Fellowship winner calling in from Japan; Sharon Goldner, almost a member; and Gisella Morelli, guest of Gail Micca.
Ernie Boll is happy to report that it was 74 degrees there in Arizona yesterday.
Ralph Witcher was in Rhode Island and had some issues with the Internet connection.
Barbara Kistler when asked said she was not employed by LCCC, but now is a Trustee for LCCC.
Our prayers go out for Gail Micca’s Father who is in the hospital.
Amir Famili has learned how to make stairs as he volunteers with Habitat for Humanity.
Halyna Stegura called in from The Villages in Florida where they are enjoying warm weather.
Tom Friday is happy about the many beneficial scientific developments over the years. And he thanks his Alma Mater, Howard University.
Halyna and Mike Stegura are very happy that their son, Michael, just got married virtually in a chapel in Philadelphia
Gail Micca is happy that her neighbor, Gisella, is on line with us today. She helped with the fresh produce last week.
Marlene Heller is happy that her Mother got her first covid19 shot two weeks ago and now is scheduled for her second one. Mom is approaching her 100th birthday.
Herb Klotz is very happy to report that the last checks for the 2020 D7430 Purple Pinkie virtual 5K Race to eradicate Polio have been sent in. The total dollars raised across the district is almost $44,000.
Herb also is happy to report that in late March he will finish the last 110 miles hiking the Appalachian Trail. Herb has challenged AW members to donate money to the RI Foundation Annual Fund by sponsoring his hike in some way. An e-mail with details is coming soon.
Amir Famili is happy that soon Johnson & Johnson will be distributing their covid19 vaccine which  needs no refrigeration and is 95% effective and requires only a single dose.
Dottie Bloom is doubly happy. She found that distributing food for Kingdom Life clients was amazing. And today she and Rick are celebrating their 42nd  wedding anniversary.
Ralph Witcher is happy to say that he loves his wife.
Katrina Sundstrom is happy that one of their son’s school activities is over for another year.
Nick Millward thanks members for attending the webinar and viewing the movie. Also he is happy that he has received good pictures of the new shelter in Mongolia. And our speaker for our Feb. 3rd meeting still is a go.
Pres. Ralph gave a very nice invocation. Then he led us in the Pledge of Allegiance  to the U.S.
Pres. Ralph displayed the list of January  members and their celebration dates. 
Pres. Ralph again said “The world needs more Rotarians.”
Pres. Ralph played the musical rendition video of the 4 Way Test.  
Marlene Heller asked for --  but there were none  --  volunteers to tell about a recent application of the 4 Way Test in their life.
Chair Tom Friday noted that  Gisella and Sharon were on with us today. Tom urges us to continue inviting more guests to work with us on projects, and  to learn about Rotary by joining our Zoom meetings.
Pres. Ralph noted that there was a board meeting yesterday via Zoom and that any of us may attend.
Marlene Heller reported that a survey of 2020 Newsletters shows our % opened is 30 to 50%, with a good rate being 15 to 25%.
It is unlikely that we will get back to face-to-face meetings before July. Plans for these are underway.
Barbara Kistler reports that “I just received a lovely thank you note from Beverly Kistler from the Lowhill Food Pantry thanking us for the 70 Weis gift cards we donated in December and early January.  She also says "Please know that the support we receive from the Rotary Club is truly appreciated not only by our Pantry but also the families we serve". 
Here’s a picture of the kids using the tool kits we provided for Community Bike Works with our grant and club funds this year.
Volunteers from Saturday, January 16 at Kingdom Life Family Center Food Bank:  Gail Micca says “We had a good group from Rotary which included Ralph & Pat Witcher, Dottie Bloom, Ron Coleman, Kathleen Ott, RJ, Gail and Ed. Eight is a good number!”
Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, Member of Parliament in Mongolia on Feb 03, will be our AW speaker about The Green-Eyed Llama. She also is running for President.
P-E Gail Micca e-mailed the following project update:
Green Thumbs Garden Project: If you have a green thumb and like to grow plants from seeds, would you consider making some room under your grow lights for some plants for the garden?
   If you or someone you know has the equipment to grow plants from seeds, but you aren't using it, would you consider donating it or loaning it out?  This saves the garden budget a good deal.  We are also looking into a small greenhouse set up if you know someone who has one.
If you like administrative work, please let Gail know as we can find a good fit for you.
Please take a look at this section on the left side of this bulletin.
Great effort by Kathleen Ott and Scott Hock to get the food picked up and delivered to the High School.  Lori Peters led the Interact Club in packing 268 snackpacks.  Thanks team!!
The AWRC B.O.D. has suspended all AWRC face-to-face  meetings until further notice. Zoom meetings are now scheduled for each Wednesday at 7:30 A.M.
Wednesday January 27, 2021  starting at 7:30 a.m.  We will use Zoom to meet.  Our program will be  Jane Mann, President Lehigh Valley Therapy Dogs whose topic is Therapy Dogs: a cold nose and soft warm fur are the perfect prescription for a smile.
No Thursday evening meetings are planned until after the pandemic..
Pres. Ralph Witcher introduced Alisha Tatem, Project Director at Freedom School to discuss The Power of Freedom Schools. She is a native of the Lehigh Valley, and serve as the Program Director of Congregational Leaders, engaging in interfaith dialogue and partnerships. She is passionate about working at the intersection of the arts, spirituality, healing and justice. She  enjoys learning about new cultures and am committed to building bridges across differences.
​Implemented in partnership with the Children's Defense Fund, The Jim Lawson Freedom School provides children and youth grades K-12 within the Allentown School District with a unique educational opportunity to interrupt summer learning loss experienced by many inner city children. The school provides summer enrichment through a research based and multicultural curriculum that support children and families around five essential components:
         High quality academic enrichment, and nutrition, health and mental health. The school boosts student motivation to read, generates positive attitudes towards learning, and connects the needs of the children and families to the resources of their communities.
Alisha said that listening to our meeting was a wonderful way to start the morning. She has been with Freedom Schools since 2014.
Alisha introduced us to the word “harambee,” which is a work chant used on the E African coast, also a rallying cry used in Kenya. During the 6 weeks of Summer classes, they start each day with a Harambee. Alisha demonstrated one for us. They get the kids pumped up.
They recruit college students each year as interns to staff the classes. Their training days  are long and run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  They teach the kids how to spell, read and write. They say “Knowledge is power.”
Freedom Schools were started in 1964 in Mississippi. A lot of the classes take place in Churches and outside. But it was 1995 when the idea really took off. Now there are 180 schools in the U.S.
Some days they have community leaders come to the classes and read to the students. They also take time to answer the kids’ questions, and questions from parents. The older students read material and then discuss what they read.
Other community leaders come in and teach special things. An example is one about therapy dogs. And they take field trips, e.g. to the DaVinci Center. And they have days of social projects, e.g. encouraging people to register to vote.
Over 150,000 students have had this experience since 1995. And 17,000 adults have been trained to be child advocates.
Some of the ways that we can help this effort are to volunteer our time in a number of jobs. They also seek $90 donations to fund books that each student may keep. Or you can come to class and read to the students.
 Pres Ralph led us in the saying “One profits most who serves best.”


 Here is a link to our District Governor 's
latest Bulletin

This Rotary year we are trying something new to better facilitate our communication with you. We are transforming our traditional newsletter to a club-centric publication, Vibrant Club News, which will be published every other month. Vibrant Club News includes RC service projects, special events, and fundraisers.
The December edition was just sent out and can be viewed at:
Dottie Bloom              Jan 04
Gwenn Carr                Jan 07
Jeanne Shipe             Jan 12
Ernie Boll                    Jan 20
Geoff Legg                  Jan 22
Recedes Scott            Jan 25



Sally & Jerry Frank    Jan 05 1985       36 years
Dottie & Rick Bloom  Jan 20 1979       42 years



Dawn Costello                  ?? years    Jan 01
Carrie Ballek              2 years      Jan 02 2019
Gary Heller                 2 years     Jan 02 2019
Marlene    Heller        2 years     Jan 02 2019
Richard Sniscak         9 years      Jan 13 2012
Chuck Ehninger          45 Years    Jan 15 1976
Sue Weber                  24 years    Jan 15 1997
Gail Micca                    3 years      Jan 31 2018