Message from President Gail Micca
  I am always inspired by the members in our club. Whether you have been a part of this club for many years or less than one year, you are a valuable part of our club’s future. You are the face of Rotary in our community and you bring goodness to those we serve. 
Recently, I asked you to think about ways we can fundraise and several members have already shared some great ideas.  Keep thinking and sharing – we can all do our part to contribute our talents and resources for the good of our community. Together, we can reach any goal we set.
Speaking of goals, we are almost to the $5,000 "Rotary and Me Challenge" goal. I know I can count on you to get over the finish line and finalize this fundraiser by July 31. The boost this has given me to ride 60 miles each week has been inspiring. You can count on me to keep “Riding for Rotary” all year long. Thank you for believing in me and supporting our club.  
Together, we serve to change lives!
Rotary Club of
Pres. Gail Micca
Area 1 Asst. Gov. Rick Zayaitz
District 7430 Governor
Bob Hobaugh
We meet currently at Brookside Country Club and via Zoom: the second and fourth Wednesdays at Brookside Country Club and first, third, and fifth Wednesdays on Zoom until further notice. When we meet at Brookside,
Zoom is also available.



Greeters will be working at all in-person meetings.
Evenings will resume as social evenings in the
near future. Watch for details!
Missed a club meeting? Lucky for you, we record our Zoom meetings! Click the link and then choose which meeting you’d like to view. Use the slide at the bottom if you want to skip over the socialization part of the meeting. We open the formalities at 7:30 am, and presenters begin at 8 am. So even if you missed the meeting, it’s just like being there!
The AWRC channel link is:
         July 25 – Annual Picnic at Tranquility Farm 5563 Acorn Drive Emmaus 4 pm
        Oct 2  –  D7430 Purple Pinkie 5K race
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Marlene Heller
Opportunities for Service
Your help is needed to:
Here is a list of remaining service opportunities for July:
July 1- 31 – Garden any time – bring friends and family
Ongoing - Tuesdays and Thursdays at Habitat for Humanity are great for volunteering - Contact Amir for more information,
Please sign up here to help with the garden: 
You can also contact Amanda ( or Gail (, to help with harvesting.
Please let Jean Masiko know if you'd like to help at Kingdom Life Food Pantry, 
Packing produce on Tuesday July 13th is fun and help is appreciated.  Packing can be done at Gail's home or yours!  Let her know.
Contact: Jean Masiko
Parkland and Northwestern Snack Packing: Kathy Ott -
Lowhill Food Pantry – Amir Famili –
Meals on Wheels:  Kathy Ott -
Kingdom Life Food Pantry: Jean Masiko –
Parkland Snack Packing: Kathy Ott –
Lowhill Food Pantry and Northwestern Snack Packing – Amir Famili –
Membership:  Tom Friday –
Public Image: Marlene Heller  –
TT6:  Len Salines –
Dining Out:  Jean Machamer –
Purple Pinkie Services: Barb Kistler
Purple Pinkie 5K at LCCC: John Scott –
Park Cleanup:  Dennis Houser –
Miracle League:  Barb Kistler –
Meals on Wheels:  Dorothy Bloom –
Kids of Character: Gwen Pongracz –
Speaker suggestions:  Ralph Witcher –
Website Editor: Marlene Heller –
RLI:   website        
Sep 22, 2021 7:30 AM
Serve to Change Lives
Sep 29, 2021 7:30 AM
Psychological Stress and Cancer
Oct 06, 2021 7:30 AM
Education for Better Life for Mongolian Children
Oct 13, 2021 7:30 AM
How To Get Free Fuel From Waste Using Local Materials
Oct 27, 2021 7:30 AM
Speaking Up: Changing the Dialogue to End the Stigma Epidemic
Nov 10, 2021 7:30 AM
Rotary Foundation Talk
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Make it your business to share your Rotary story! When you meet someone who isn't aware of all Rotary has to offer personally, professionally, and to the world, it's an opportunity. Let them know you are one of the 1.2 million people in the world who make the world better by serving the community.
Offer them the chance to join us for an activity or a meeting to learn more. If you don't ask, they won't know! Be a Rotary Ambassador!
Board and Committee
 Members for 2021-22
Current Executive board:
President Gail Micca
President Elect - John Scott
Immediate Past President - Ralph Witcher
Vice President - TBD
Treasurer- Chris Blechschmidt 
Secretary - Michelle Steiner
Sergeant at Arms - Mitch Huston
Membership Chair - TBD
Service Chair - Dr. Kathleen Ott
Public Relations Chair - Marlene Heller
Fundraising Chair - Len Salines
Youth Services Chair - Sue (and Bill) Weber
AWRC Foundation Chair - Amir Famili
RI Foundation Chair - Herb Klotz
      Please suggest or request speakers and topics for future meetings and send your ideas to Ralph Witcher. 
     As you become aware of any member of our Rotary family who would benefit from our support with cards, flowers, or visits, please notify Jean Machamer at
Check out the AWRC
See Home Page link
Bulletin Editor
Bill Palmer
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
JULY 21, 2021
           QUOTE of the WEEK
     “The help we give to others creates the ripple of good feeling we give to ourselves.”
                ― Gina Greenlee
Parents' Day is observed in South Korea and in the United States. The South Korean designation was established in 1973, replacing the Mother's Day previously marked on May 8, and includes public and private celebrations. The United States day was created in 1994 under President Bill Clinton.
Sunday, July 25 at the Webers’ Tranquility Farm in Santa Cruz. We start at 4 PM and the entrees, beer and wine will be supplied.
Fishing in their pond is available  --  catch and release.
With over two decades of AW Rotarians helping to pack and deliver Meals on two annual holidays, we now are able to launch an all-new and more extensive project.
AWRC is looking to form two teams (two people on each team). The teams will go out for one morning every OTHER week One team member will drive, and the other will be the “runner” that delivers food to the door.
ALSO we will need to have several committed substitutes ready to fill in as needed. All regulars and substitutes will be well trained for this work.
We need at least SIX volunteers, but a lot more is better and will spread the workload so each works fewer days. When enough volunteers are signed up, Service Chair Kathy Ott will conduct a meeting to review the requirements and scheduling.
Please call Kathy Ott to discuss and to sign up:  610-395-0549
Zoom Meeting  Notes – July 21, 2021
Today was a Zoom meeting with  31  people on line.
Pres. Gail Micca  opened the meeting at 7:30 A.M.  by ringing an imaginary  bell. And she welcomed us all to our quarterly assembly.
None today
Ernie Boll gave a very nice invocation. Then Pres. Gail led us in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the U.S.
Past President, Chuck Ehninger, delivered today’s story about our RC charter activities and lists of Presidents..
Pres. Gail then led us in the recitation of the Four Way Test to which we added “Is it fun?”
Herb Klotz was calling in from Charleston, SC.
When asked, Tori Morgan explained that her “day” job is as a Compliance Manager for an environmental engineering firm.
Tori said that she went to a meeting at Gail Micca’s house and was greatly impressed by the fabulous oil paintings done by Gail and Ed’s daughter.
Gail Micca reports that she has just reached the 50 lbs. of weight loss goal. Then she added that she has 40 lbs. more to go.
Ralph Witcher was calling in from Rhode Island and asked us to say “Hi” to Pat. Marlene Heller moved his picture over next to Pat’s.
Sue Weber was soliciting foods for our picnic.
Amir Famili has an apricot tree that has yielded about 50 lbs. of ftesh apricots and we are invited to come there and get some.
Marlene Heller is celebrating two birthdays. One is her Great Niece born 8 days ago. The other is Gary’s which is today.
John Scott is happy that the program that took many months now is over.
Tom Friday is happy to report that his 6th grandchild was born on Monday. Also his daughter has been named Dean of Students at Newman University.
Andy Phillips is happy to be on today.
Ralph Witcher is grateful for Kathy Ott’s good work.
Halyna Stegura is happy that she avoided a medical procedure and gets a follow-up in two months. And she will attend our picnic on Sunday.
Bill Palmer is loving his new rescue dog, Sunshine.
Pres. Gail displayed the list of July member events.
Sue Weber has 30 folks signed up.     To attend others just need to e-mail her. The site is almost ready.  Bring your fishing gear if you want to fish their pond.
Also it is suggested that you bring some folding chairs and maybe a card table.
Tori Morgan said that a committee is forming and they meet on Sundays at Jay’s. All are invited to participate.
We have added two more sites where we donate food items.
Kathy Ott says we now have 6 volunteers signed up. We should be starting in September.
We are collecting baseball equipment – used  --  to send to Mongolia to start a youth baseball program. Katrina Sundstrom’s daughter is collecting as well.
As a fundraiser Gail is still seeking sponsors for her 60 miles a week  biking during this RY as part of our 60 year celebration next May
Please take a look at this section on the left side of this bulletin.
There  will be hybrid meetings  twice a month, plus all-zoom meetings for two more Wednesdays each month.
Wednesday July 28, 2021  starting at 7:30 a.m. IN-PERSON at Brookside Country Club in Macungie. Our program  will  be  Jill D. Kearney, CEO Specialty Moves by Design to discuss Downsizing & Decluttering.
Thursday evening meetings may be scheduled starting in July as one of the four monthly meetings.
Pres. Gail Micca  began this Assembly by asking Treasurer Chris Blechschmidt to report on our finances as of June 30, 2021.  Chris used a series of slides to explain how our finances are structured.
We have a club operating account that collects dues and pays the RI and District dues and our other operating expenses. And we have our AW Foundation account which is a 501-C-3 and it keeps score on our fundraising income and the “good works” outgo expenses.
There also is a Reserve account that receives 10% of the net fundraising proceeds each year. And then 5% is moved to the Foundation account each year.
Our fundraising this pandemic year was about $10,000 which was augmented by several specific new causes and generous supporting donations. Looking at our commitments and plans for this RY, we are $8,200 short. Gail’s bike event will help reduce this. Other fundraisers are being considered. We do have about $81,000 in the bank now compared to $100,000 a year ago.
Gail noted that Ed’s company, Intel, will be matching the funds raised by Gail’s bike travels.
Len Salines, Fundraising Chair, said that our raffles brought in $10,000 last year and that another $4,000 was donated.
Len noted that this year we have added the selling of the meeting table centerpieces of flowers or baked goods as a fundraiser.
We also will have a Casino Night fundraiser event as our celebration of 60 years or service in May of 2022. And we may do a version of Tempting Tastes again.
Len needs members to join this committee.
Secretary John Scott reviewed his duties such as taking board meeting notes, maintaining club records in ClubRunner and at RI, processing new member applications, and securing items for our Changeover such as new badges. John also is the Race Director for the D7430 annual 5K to eliminate Polio from the world, and volunteers are needed now for this October event.
John then welcomed Michelle Steiner as our Club Secretary for this RY.
Tom Friday, Membership Chair, noted that we currently have 57 Active and 11 Honorary members. Last RY we added 9 new members, and two of them still will do a classification talk.
Tom said that he is stepping down from this position and that PDG Herb Klotz has agreed to be our temporary Membership Chair.
Herb Klotz said that we need more members on this committee. And we need to focus on engagement so that every member has an assignment. Also we need help to orient new members and to handle their induction.
Gail Micca as Service Chair for the first half of the last RY, reviewed our many service projects. There were feeding the hungry, scholarships, Community Bike Works, Meals on Wheels, gift cards at Christmas, etc. We packed about 2,000 snacks for home delivery to middle schools.
Lori Peters  noted that we were able to have Interact students complete the entire snack packing work, without Rotarian help.
Kathy Ott said that the impact on Interact students who help prepare snacks is phenomenal.
Jean Masiko confirmed that the Kingdom Life Food Center needs volunteers to distribute items.
Gail Micca said that over 3,200 hours of members’ time was donated last RY.
Sue Weber, reporting on Youth Services said that Camp Neidig last June worked out quite well. We need a member to step as our Coordinator for this once a year 3 day event.
Sue said that Youth Exchange was stopped cold by the pandemic.
Gwenn Carr reported on the district STEM-YEA project. There are 12 Rotarians on the committee and 18 RCs are supporting the project so far. The event will be in July of 2022, and Kathy Ott is helping. About 96 kids will participate in the 4 night- 3 day sessions.
Marlene Heller reported on our Public Image efforts over the last RY.
We are moving to our goals nicely. She gave examples of our Facebook posts results where we do as well as a RC twice our size. We also do get some articles about the club published in the local newspapers.
 Pres Gail led us in the saying “One profits most who serves best.” And she rang an imaginary bell.
Al Lewis                      Jul 01
Doreen Rushton         Jul 03
Mustafa Jaffer            Jul 05
Terry Grube                Jul 11
Laurie Grube              Jul 16
Wendy Weaver           Jul 21
John Pongracz           Jul 26
Bob Machamer           Jul 28
Karen Rodgers           Jul 28
Bob Costello               Jul 29
Halyna Stegura          Jul 30
Andy Phillips              Jul 31



Sandi & Ernie Boll               Jul 06 1956        65 years
Suky & Mustafa Jaffer        Jul 06 2001        20 years
Marlene & Gary Heller        Jul 27 1975        46 years



Bob Nagle                   29 years    Jul 01 1992
Jeff Kistler                  17 years    Jul 07 2004
Lort Peters                  2 years     Jul 12 2019
Amir Famili                 5 years     Jul 20 2016