Where is the spring rain?

Gail Micca
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If you think I’m complaining, I’m not. The weather has been just incredible for everything, except gardening! Between the frost and the lack of rain, it has been a busy start to the growing season. For some reason, the joy of dirt and planting always drowns out the aches and pains of hard work. It binds friendships and brings us together.

As we close out May, our Youth Services month, and we honor our final Student of the Month award, I reflect on the abundance of youth-focused programs Allentown West Rotary manages, and I am grateful for all of the Rotarians who make each of them possible. 

As we look forward to June, Rotary Fellowship month, please make it a point to call a fellow Rotarian, go to lunch, water the garden together, offer to organize a Fellowship Dining Out this summer, and join us at Gwenn and Gary’s for our first Mongolia 21|21 dinner fundraiser.  

I hope to see you at some point at one of the gardens this summer, and bring your family! Or if gardening isn’t your thing, share the link below with people you know who might enjoy it. The more hands, the lighter the work and the better the fellowship! If I get desperate, we will do a raindance!


Rotary Club of
Pres. Gail Micca
Area 1 Asst. Gov. Rick Zayaitz
District 7430 Governor
Len Gieseler
Second and Fourth Wednesdays
are in-person
at Cedar Crest College
eeting begins promptly at 7:30 a.m.
First  Wednesdays are for Special events, such as Dining Out, Business Tours, etc.
The third Wednesday is a Zoom meeting, but may change.
Follow us on Facebook and watch your email for updates.
Zoom is also available during in-person meetings
      May 5 to 7, 2023  –  Annual District 7430 Conference at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City
     May 27 thru 31  –  RI Annual Convention in Melbourne, Australia
     July 6 thru 9  –  STEM YEA program for 2023 at Kutztown University.
Board and Committee
 Members for 2022-23
Current Executive Board:
President – Gail Micca
President Elect – Gwenn Carr's Committee
Immediate Past President – Ralph Witcher
Vice President – TBD
Treasurer – Gary Englehardt
Secretary – Michelle Steiner
Sergeant at Arms – Mitch Huston
Membership Chair – Tori Morgan
Service Chair – Bill Keba
Public Relations Chair – Marlene Heller
Fundraising Chair – Len Salines
Youth Services Chairs – Sue and Bill Weber
AWRC Foundation Chair – Amir Famili
RI Foundation Chair – Herb Klotz
Opportunities for Service
Here is an update for service opportunities in the coming weeks:
Community Service:
Habitat for Humanity – Any Tuesday or Thursday morning.
Contact Amir:
Kingdom Life Food Pantry 
The upcoming dates for Kingdom Life Food Pantry Giveaway are:
Saturdays –  May 13.  
Each time we start at 7:30 AM  and usually are finished by 9:30 AM.
Meals on Wheels – we can still use a few more substitute volunteers, low level of commitment, fun to do with family or friends. Contact Helen Papathanasiou.
Club Service:
Help plan a Dining Out or Event for a First Wednesday.
Send Cards to Support the
Allentown West Rotary Club Foundation
Send a Thank You, Condolence, Congratulations, Thinking of You, In Honor of, In Memory of, or Just Because card and make a donation to the Allentown West Rotary Club Foundation at the same time. 
Purchase a pack of Tribute Cards to say congratulations, I'm sorry, best wishes, happy birthday, send condolences, or just because! You fill in the reason for the card on the top lines and your name on the bottom lines, and mail it out. On the front is a beautiful photograph of a familiar farmhouse in the Lehigh Valley. Inside, recipients will see that the purchase of the card goes to fund the Foundation of our Rotary Club, and they are invited to learn more at our website. On the back is some information about Rotary and our areas of focus.
Cards are sold in packs of 5 for $25, plus shipping. To order, go to the Allentown West website at and scroll down to the Tribute Cards. 
Kingdom Life Food Pantry: Jean Masiko –
Parkland Snack Packing: Gail Micca –
Lowhill Food Pantry and Northwestern Snack Packing – Amir Famili –
Membership: Tori Morgan –
Public Image: Marlene Heller –
Fundraising:  Len Salines –
Dining Out: Various 
Park Cleanup: Dennis Houser –
Highway Cleanup: Sharon Goldner 
Miracle League: Barb Kistler –
Meals on Wheels: Helen Papathanasiou –
Camp Neidig – Nicole McGalla –
Student of the Month: Nicole McGalla –
Scholarship Committee: Laurie Grube –
Speaker suggestions: Ralph Witcher –
Website Editor: Peter Wohlsen –
RLI: website        
Jun 28, 2023
Changeover meeting
Jul 12, 2023 7:30 AM
Allentown West Rotary Club Assembly
Jul 26, 2023 7:30 AM
Allentown West Rotary Club Health Check
Aug 09, 2023 7:30 AM
The Greatest Secret of Rotary
Aug 23, 2023 7:30 AM
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Make it your business to share your Rotary story! When you meet someone who isn't aware of all Rotary has to offer personally, professionally, and to the world, it's an opportunity. Let them know you are one of the 1.4 million people in the world who make the world better by serving the community.
Offer them the chance to join us for an activity or a meeting to learn more. If you don't ask, they won't know! Be a Rotary Ambassador!
      Please suggest or request speakers and topics for future meetings and send your ideas to Ralph Witcher. 
     As you become aware of any member of our Rotary family who would benefit from our support with cards, flowers, or visits, please notify Jean Machamer at
Check out the AWRC
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Bulletin Editor
Bill Palmer
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APRIL 26, 2023
 World Malaria Day is an international observance commemorated every year on 25 April and recognizes global efforts to control malaria. Globally, 3.3 billion people in 106 countries are at risk of malaria. In 2012, malaria caused an estimated 627,000 deaths, mostly among African children
How polio effort is helping battle malaria 
Health workers in Pakistan go door to door administering the polio vaccine. Volunteers in Zambia perform a dramatic skit showing how malaria spreads. These efforts may seem very different, but they're deeply connected. A global partnership has mobilized millions of workers, reached underserved populations, and gathered unprecedented amounts of health information in the fight to end polio. That work by Rotary and its partners is also proving crucial in the battle against malaria.
“If you want your life to mean something, don't ask how much you have, ask how much you can give.”
Abhijit Naskar
Lisa says “Spring has sprung and so have the tulips in my garden! I am delighted to offer them as a fundraiser for AWRC. This particular fundraiser will go towards helping to our new LCTI CTSO support initiative.
“All options will feature 9 tulips (singles, doubles and fringed) grown by me. You have 2 color choices: pink, or peach with purple.
Three arrangements sizes
     - bunch of tulips $9
     - tulips in a vase $12
     - tulip arrangement in a vase $20 (tulips plus hellebores and foliage)
“Please email me at or text 484-431-7298 with your name, color and the cost of what you want. Payment can be made at the meeting, or via PayPal directly to the club.  Quantities are limited, and orders will be filled in the order they are received. 
“For our new members: my superpowers are growing and arranging flowers. I believe strongly that flowers bring joy and happiness, and I love to share them with others.  Offering fresh flowers to my fellow Rotarians at an amazing price and then donating all the proceeds to the club is a win-win.
Allentown West Rotary  Club
Meeting Notes – April 26, 2023
Today was an In-Person meeting at Cedar Crest College  starting at 7:30 A.M. There were  16 of us present plus 6 more on line.  Pres. Gail was in North Dakota.
Our Greeter was Len Salines.  Mitch Huston handled registration, prizes and Happy Dollars.
Nick Millward, Peace Scholar, calling in from Australia.
P-E Gwenn Carr opened the meeting at 7:30 A.M.
Marlene Heller gave a nice invocation.
Ron Coleman led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag.
Gwenn Carr led us in reciting the Four Way Test, and added “Is it Fun?”
The member celebrations for April are listed below.
The Garden Clean up and Planting project with both Interact Clubs has been moved to Saturday, May 13th.
The $10 door prize donated by Len Salines was won by  Ernie Boll who donated it to the club.
The $8  50:50 prize was won by Bill Palmer who donated it to the club.
Amir Famili is happy to have celebrated the end of Ramadan. He said no member took up his offer to fast a day, so he extends it to next year.
Marlene Heller announced that at 7 P.M. tomorrow the Webers will be discussing the history  of their farm at the Upper Milford Historical Society meeting.
Michelle Steiner is happy about her parents.
Ernie Boll still is happy.
Lisa Walton is happy about something.
Helen Papathanasiou is happy to be here.
Ron Coleman is happy to see his grandkids.
Bill Keba reports that “Our May Flex Meeting / Dining Out is scheduled for May 2 beginning 6:00 at Casa Catrina, 1905 Brookside Rd, Macungie. Come between 5 and 6 for Happy Hour session, if you like. There is an access ramp if needed.
The food is authentic, and the atmosphere is pleasant.
I'd really like to know about how many people will be attending, if more than 14 they need to know beforehand.”
The next Snack Packing event at Parkland is on May 17th.
If anyone wants to help, they should email Diana Dunn at
The NWL Snack Packing dates is Wednesday, May 17th.
April 29th is this  district-wide event.  The Rotary Day of Service will be a roadside cleanup project in conjunction with the Parkland Interact Club.
Anyone who can help will meet at 9:00 A.M. at the flagpole in front of Parkland High School this Saturday, April 29th. The Interact Club has planned this project to clean areas along Cedar Crest Road.  Our exchange student, Samuel, will also be helping that day.
Please let Gail know if you can help.
 Come and help next time.
The upcoming date for Kingdom Life Food Pantry Giveaway is
May 13. 
Each time we start at 7:30 A.M. and usually are finished by 9:30 A.M. Volunteers are needed.
The Pantry will hold its food distributions on the first Saturday of each month for all of 2023.  The next date is May 6.
Three volunteers are needed each time.
Food collections for Parkland C.A.R.E.S. will be held the third Wednesday of each month at the Pantry on Kernsville Road. 
Meal delivery by AW Rotarians takes place twice each week.  Helen Papathanasiou needs substitute volunteers.
We will hold an Interact breakfast on May 31 at the Parkland H.S. Library.  Start time is 7:30 A.M.
Please work with Chris Blechschmidt to take our Y.E. student, Sam, to complete his “bucket list.”
The second and fourth Wednesday of each month are In-Person meetings at Cedar Crest College.
The first Wednesday of each month will be a Dining Out meeting, or equal. It might not be on a Wednesday.
The third Wednesday of each month will be a ZOOM ONLY meeting with a program, unless we have a better idea.
All members are asked to make suggestions to Gail Micca about other tours, Dining Out events, etc. for future meetings.
May 10  IN-PERSON at Cedar Crest College starting at 7:30 A.M.
The program will  be  Jaime Hill, Director LifeSmart-Lehigh Valley to explain how to Experiencing Life Smart.
P-E Gwenn Carr said they will cover three topics  ---  Financial Update, the Mongolia 21|21 project and STEM YEA. They added the District Training Assembly.
Treasurer Gary Englehardt reviewed the latest financial information for the Operating account and both Foundation accounts. He handed out a summary sheet of the records.
Gary noted that the many ways money has been coming in and going out had made it difficult to know how much remains in a number of accounts.  He has plan to improve on this.
Gary also thanked the members for using the requisition form to get payments. That helps.
Peter Wohlsen, Gary, Gwenn and Nick Millward spoke.
Mongolia 21|21 is a project to uplift Mongolian families and provide them with hope.  Our objective is to support Nick Millward, FOM (Friends of Mongolia), and the Matthew Girvin Foundation. Nick was a President of our Northwestern Lehigh high school Interact Club and is currently the District 7430 Peace Fellow studying in Queensland, Australia.
Higher education in Mongolia costs approximately $1,400.00 per year for each student. Our immediate goal is to help Nick find three service Clubs to pilot the program for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Each club will support one student from one Mongolian province for a total of 4-6 years depending on the course of study.
Friends of Mongolia (FOM) is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and developmental purposes. Our mission is to develop partnerships with the people of Mongolia in furtherance of cultural exchange and human development. In fulfillment of this mission, our membership and fundraising support core programs that contribute to the future of Mongolia.
FOM was founded by volunteers, and it has remained a volunteer-operated organization. Membership was and still remains open to all people with an interest in the cultural and educational exchange between the United States and Mongolia. Current members include returned Peace Corps Volunteers, individuals from the private sector, people who have served in the diplomatic corps, and those who have an interest in or family connections to Mongolia.
The Board of Directors advises Friends of Mongolia, and Officers manage day-to-day operations. Both the Board and Officers are elected by FOM members, and all serve as volunteers without salary. A Country Program Representative is appointed by the board to coordinate activities in Mongolia.
FOM is incorporated in the United States of America as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, conducting activities in both Mongolia and the United States. It is also affiliated with the National Peace Corps Association, but Friends of Mongolia membership is open to anyone with an interest in Mongolia.
In partnership with Matthew Girvin’s family, FOM has offered annual, full-tuition scholarships for 10 students from the countryside for more than 10 years. These scholarships are awarded on needs and merit. A team of 5 Mongolian volunteers carefully screen, evaluate and interview applicants, ensuring they meet the intent and requirements prescribed by the Girvin family. This year, they received the largest number of applications ever, over 240, for only 5 scholarships. FOM is eager to expand its impact and support students with varying professional interests from all provinces of Mongolia.
The objective of the 21|21 initiative is to locate 21 service clubs in the U.S.  to partner with Friends of Mongolia in providing a full tuition scholarship to a student from every province in Mongolia by the 2025-2026 academic year. It’s an achievable goal at just $1,400 per year per student.
Gary, Peter, Nick, and Gwenn have begun this project by developing a website ( to provide more information to interested individuals. Gary and Gwenn are also sponsoring an informational and fundraising night on June 10th at their home in Kutztown. It promises to be an evening of great fellowship, fun, and food. We have invited inspiring speakers and Nick promises to Zoom in as well.
Contact Gwenn for more information. We are limiting the event to 20 individuals who will donate $50 each to support our first student.
Thanks go to Peter Wohlsen for creating the website. Gwenn said that we are trying to sign up 3 RCs to sponsor students from 3 Provinces in Mongolia for the first year. The end goal is to cover all 21 provinces.
STEM YEA 2023:
Gary and  Gwenn presented the update --
STEM YEA is a four-day, three-night immersive STEM experience for 7th graders who may not otherwise have this opportunity. STEM YEA is sponsored by the Allentown West Rotary Club and is open to all clubs in Rotary District 7430.  STEM YEA 2023 is scheduled for July 6 to 9 at Kutztown University. Today we learned the details of STEM YEA 2023 and more about volunteer opportunities. You can learn more about STEM YEA 2023 at 
The budget this year is $34,000. This will cover 45 students total expenses. Their bank account is under control.
Thanks go to Peter Wohlsen for creating a gorgeous, informative 4-page color flyer about the STEM YEA program.
Gwenn Carr reviewed the DTA  ---
The District Training Assembly was held Saturday, April 22 at Bucks County Community College in Perkasie, PA. Topics covered included the Environment, Membership, Service/Foundation, Public Image, Youth Exchange, and the Welcome Mat. President Elects had a special session focused on developing goals for the Presidential Citation. Three AWRC Rotarians attended-Gary, Bill Keba and Gwenn.
DGE Diane Donaher provided a glimpse into the year ahead.  On October 7 there will be a Vibrant Club Summit, and a Purple Pinkie event will be held at the end of October. The District Conference will be held April 26-28 and will be centered in Bethlehem and at the Wind Creek Conference Center.
Gwenn distributed copies of the AWRC events for the month of May. You can view this on our website all year long.
P-E Gwenn led us in reciting our motto “One profits most who serves best.” And she adjourned the meeting.
Gil Keller                        Apr 09
Quentin Sowers             Apr 12
Michelle Steiner             Apr 18
Pearline & Tom Friday        Apr 16 1983       40 years
John Scott                    7 years     Apr 06 2016
AJ Henry                     31 years    Apr 15 1992